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Prediksi Uruguay vs Belanda

Prediksi Uruguay vs Belanda

Both teams, undefeated, will have to fight for a place in the final. Uruguay's martyr Luis Suarez -the player most familiar with Dutch football in the squad- will be unable to perform, while Netherlands will have to do without De Jong and Van der Wiel, Will Oscar Tabarez's squad be able to defeat Brazil's executioners without his Lion? Uruguay has made it once again to the latter stages of a World Championship, but the players are not satisfied with the goal reached. "To write history is to lift the cup" were Uruguay's captain Diego Lugano's words when asked about the performance of the Celeste. Uruguay only took on Netherlands once in a world cup, back in 1974 when the Oranges won 2-0.

Uruguay will have an Herculean task ahead, as it looked like Maestro Tabarez had found the perfect scheme to face any rival in South Africa after the first draw with France, but for this decisive match he'll be lacking three decisive players: Jorge Fucile was cautioned against Ghana -having already received a yellow card before, joining Luis Suarez in the list of Celeste's players with disciplinary problems. As if this was not enough, Uruguay's captain Diego Lugano might not be fully recovered of the strong impact on his right leg in the last match.

Mauricio Victorino will must surely occupy Fucile's place, though this will give Tabarez's team less presence to overwhelm from the wings. Suarez's replacement poses a totally different problem: It wouldn't be wise for Uruguay to have Forlan occupy the role of main play maker, as the Celeste won't be having a heavy weight striker to take better advantage of that strategy. Edinson Cavani will most surely be the second striker; Will Uruguay's coach prefer to modify his strategy to have more presence in the midfield or will Sebastian Abreu take over Suarez's place?

Young Nicolas Lodeiro, on the other hand, will most surely miss this game as his right foot will probably sideline him for the rest of the Cup, after experiencing intense pain against Ghana. Tabarez misses another creative player with this absence. At least Diego Godin appears to be ready to join Uruguay's back line, recovered from a muscular fatigue.

"We've been at the party for long, now it's time to dance" were Abreu's words, showing how seriously was team's morale boosted after last week's victory. If Tabarez takes advantage of the momentum of his team, than the Europeans will have a tough match against the last standing South American.

Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder are performing at their highest after some absence in the first matches of this competition. "Uruguay's players are fighters and survival artists. They are a dangerous rival, I like the way the play" were Netherland's coach, Bert van Marwijk regarding this match. After drinking Carioca's blood the team is ready to claim his 25th match undefeated, knowing they're probably the favorite for the title at the moment.

The victory over Brazil left a bitter aftertaste, as Robin van Persie and Joris Mathijsen finished the game struggling with injuries: The first fell over his right arm and could not continue playing, while the latter experienced certain inconveniences warming up for last week's game forcing the dutch coach to find a replacement in the last minute. "None of the tests revealed any danger and both players are ready to perform against Uruguay" were the official declarations regarding their present.

Netherlands have only made it to the final two times, in 1974 and 1978, but the European squad has never been able to lift a World Cup. Team's coach recognized he and his players were dreaming with the title since the beginning of the qualifying stage, and he called to never underestimate the power of belief.

But not everything is a bed of roses for Netherlands. The team will have to do without midfielder Nigel de Jong and defender Gregory van der Wiel. There have not yet been any official declarations regarding the starting eleven, but thanks to his performance in the last minutes of the Brazilian match Klaas Van-Huntelaar might have a chance within the starting squad.

It's been almost two years since the Orange suffered its last defeat, and thus it's impossible to ignore they're the favorites for this clash. Uruguay's players should be exhausted after their last match, and the dutch are known by turning any minor detail into a loose advantage, as it was proven against Dunga's squad.

Prediksi Uruguay vs Belanda, skor kemungkinan 2-0 untuk kemenangan Tim Orange.


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